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Meh, but I'm in there

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"I....I cant go any further. Dammit! They got me good." The man's breath now a mixture of fear and anger marinated in a steady stream of blood, as coagulated strands disturbingly dangled from his busted lips. His younger brother was helpless to do anything outside of kneeling beside him in vain. Cold emotionless eyes hid the internal pain of the New Age Outlaw, not for himself but rather for the philosophical beliefs both he and his brother had shared in this post-societal apocalypse courtesy of the technological nightmares known as the 3rd Society.

Sighing while diligently observing their surroundings, contentiously on the lookout for any and all mechanical menaces fraudulently parading as organic humans, Gambler, in apathetic sarcasm, scuffed, "Yeah well, least you're getting out of this mess." Quickly riffling through his dying brother's pockets before emerging with a rolled up flyer. Tattered around the edges, weathered and dilapidated, its crudely illustrated italics read simply, The Sanctuary.

Soaked in blood the dying brother's hand desperately clawed and grabbed for his little brother only to be callously slapped away and ignored. His attention having been arrested by the flyer's promising feature. Without flinching or even offering his sibling the courtesy of eye contact, Gambler's own hand methodically slipped over his brother's face, mouth, and nose, facilitating the man's agonizing end. In a manner that, prior to the 3rd Society's hostile and unmitigated take-over, would have seemed cruel and macabre, but could now be viewed as a merciful act of kindness. The final twitches and death thralls sent vibrations up the renegade's arm and body and still he would not look the dying bastard in the eyes. Not now, not ever. With a quick and effective motion, Gambler closed the lids of the deadman's eyes and began to slowly nod.

Once again the outlaw's attention drifted back towards the tattered remains tightly clutched in his hand, before slipping it into the pocket of his fur hooded jacket. The mission was simple, stay alive long enough to find this Sanctuary. A task easier said then done....

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@albusan: You show me where I "jacked" anything and I'll bow-down to your greatness. Otherwise, deuces :)

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@jashro44: Never had it on this account, its a place holder

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I told ya I was immortal/I never stopped/only thing memorable in yo verses were the names dat you dropped