New Green Lantern Fan

I saw screenshots and videos of the new Green Lantern movie in some of the Comic Con news. I haven't read any of the main comics, but know both Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan and John Stewart) from the free Green Lantern Origin comic and the Justice League animated series. What are some essential stories I can read, so I can get caught up on the history of this awesome space police super hero.
P.S. I luv Sci Fi like Starcraft, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

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Posted by InterestingJohn

Here's a good list to get you started ;)

  1. Emerald Dawn 1
  2. Emerald Dawn 2
  3. Secret Origin
  4. Emerald Twilight
  5. New Dawn
  6. Rebirth

That's also probably a good order to read them in too :D Hope you enjoy!
Posted by Havenless80

I just got into Green Lantern myself about a year ago with some basic knowledge from when i was a kid and very little knowledge of the DC Universe.  I would stick with the Geoff John books since he has been writing the latest GL series.  You can get caught up with the events prior to Geoff Johns by reading wikipedia.  Rebirth and Secret Origin are must reads.  Sinestro Corps War is very entertaining and would be next on my list.  I'd also check out Green Lantern Corps if you are into Sci Fi.  I was always more interested in the stories that take place off the planet Earth.  It mostly focuses on Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner ( two other lanterns from Earth that a part of the Honor Guard meaning they don't patrol only 1 sector) but has a good amount of the other GLs like Kilowog and Soranik Natu.  Best of all...MOGO!!!  (the only green lantern that is an actual planet).  There is a 3rd GL series starting next week that will focus on Guy Gardner which should be interesting. 
Also, check out Green Lantern First Flight, the animated movie.  The story doesn't match the comic origin completely, but gives you a good feel for the characters and history.