Comic Tomatoes: Flashpoint 1

Issue: Flashpoint 1
Arc: Flashpoint
Publisher: DC
Released: July 1, 2011
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Andy Kubert
Inker: Sandra Hope
Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Rating: 90% (9 Fresh 1 Rotten)
Critical Consensus: Great talent in Johns and Kubert leads to a great start to the DC event of the summer. It's not perfect, but then nothing is as it seems in the Flashpoint universe.

Comic Vine 4.5/5 (Fresh) Tony Guerrero  Flashpoint is finally here. Everything does indeed change. Forget about the DC Universe you know and enjoy the story by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. We've seen the numerous teasers and now we can get ready for this crazy ride.

IGN 6.5/10 (Fresh) Erik Norris Flashpoint #1 is probably the rockiest start to a DC event in years. If DC had held back on the marketing push prior to launch, maybe a lot of the moments found within would have had more punch. But when you break it down, it's essentially a glorified version of the various press releases that lead up to this first issue's release and offers nothing new.

CBR 3/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza This is, however, the first issue of what will be, once complete, well over fifty) comics that tell the story of this new world. To judge the entire story on this initial step would be folly. To commit to the entire story based on what is given to us here would be insanity.

Too Dangerous For A Girl (Fresh) Martin Gray This is how to begin an event. Surprises, mysteries, strong artwork, sharp dialogue ... any doubts as to whether I'd follow Flashpoint have been wiped away with this first issue. (Fresh) Hunter Camp It’s a little difficult to follow because of reasons like that, but with blockbuster events like this, the pieces of the puzzle don’t really starting making sense until further down the line. It was a strong first issue with beautiful art from the amazing Andy Kubert, so the series is on the right track, so let’s just see if it keeps this pace up.

Cosmic Book News (Fresh) Chris Bushley Johns and Kubert converge on a story that burns brighter than Brightest Day, has the tenacity of Blackest Night and the pure adrenaline of Emerald Warriors! Get in on the ground floor of DC's next big summer event, one that promises to astound and excite readers for the next few months

A Comic Book Blog 95/100 (Fresh) Phillip Carson Overall, Flashpoint is shaping up to be a fun story, devoid of the angst and info-dump that was Blackest Night.  It’s good to see the Flash take point as the lead in an Event book.  Here’s hoping he gains his powers back pretty quick, and starts kicking butt next issue.

iFanboy 2.5/5 (Rotten) Paul Montgomery Summarily, I think Flashpoint is the perfect runner. Coiled, roiling potential energy just waiting for the starter pistol. Then? I'm not sure. A poor night's sleep? A flash of a camera? Something happened to sully the execution of that run. And there's a stutter step. Race ain’t over though.

The Weekly Crisis (Fresh) Kirk Warren Great issue that hooked me instantly and never let go.  After one issue, I want, no, need to know more about this world and these characters and am already picking out various tie-ins I want to try out simply because of how engaging and interesting this world and story is so far. 

Weekly Comic Book Review  B+ (Fresh) Minhquan Nguyen  A very strong, promising start to DC’s most talked-about storyline, though much depends on the follow-up
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