Comic Tomatoes: Booster Gold 44

ssue: Booster Gold 44
Arcs: Flashpoint, Turbulence
Publisher: DC
Released: July 1, 2011
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Norm Rapmund
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Colorist: Hi-Fi

Rating: 90% (9 positive 1 negative)
 Critical Consensus: Dan Jurgens makes a big return to Booster Gold and continues to expand upon the Flashpoint universe while introducing his creation to new readers.

Comic Vine 4/5 (Fresh) Mat Elfring New story and a great jumping-on point! If you've never read a Booster Gold book, this would be a great place to jump on. This book always delivers on fun. Booster fits very well into the Flashpoint world.

CBR 4/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza  Jurgens’ return to this book not only marks the start of “Flashpoint” and a keenly-designed welcome mat and open door to this series, but it also sees the return of something far more important: all ages reading. Jurgens is a modern master of delivering stories that have retro sensibilities. Each issue that Jurgens crafts carries itself strongly, offers a good story, and a smart introduction to the world of “Booster Gold.”

Too Dangerous For A Girl (Fresh) Martin Gray This issue should give Booster his best sales figures since the early issues. I hope plenty of the first-timers stick around. If quality counts, they will.

Comic Revolution A- (Fresh) Eden Zacharias If Flashpoint #1 didn’t sell you on the Flashpoint event then Booster Gold #44 will definitely do the trick. On top of that, this is a great way to introduce Michael Jon Carter to new readers who have wanted to jump in on this great series. Without a doubt, this is an issue you seriously do not want to miss if you’re considering giving Booster Gold a try or following the Flashpoint event.

Comics Bulletin 3.5/5 (Fresh) Matthew Rios While I’m glad to see Jurgens back on the character and book he made so popular, I am sad to see the quick-wit and heartfelt emotional situations of Giffen and DeMatteis go. This issue was a bit off due to the packing in of required details but I’m sure over time things will straighten out again, so help me Gog.

Inside Pulse 6/10 (Rotten) Grey Scherl By the end of the book…it’s not a bad title, it’s just disappointing. The art is great, and the characterization is great, but nothing really happens and just as the book heats up to the ‘good part’, we get  to a be continued and it’s just over. Now, obviously, i can’t wait to read the next issue, I just expected more out of this one. (Fresh) Brian Tudor  I know there are a lot of titles when it comes to Flashpoint, but I really think you will be happy to add Booster Gold to your monthly pull list. He is going to be very important to the Flashpoint story. Looking forward to next month, hopefully Skeets makes it through and Booster is ready to go toe-to-toe with Doomsday! Flashpoint rages on! (Fresh) Simon Daoudi Booster Gold is the book to watch out for, as it will make an impact in the Flashpoint storyline. I hope they people who pick up this book because Flashpoint will stay on and go for the ride. DC Comics has officially announced that there will be a second printing of Booster Gold #44 this June. I know I can’t wait for the next one, as this was one of my favorite comics for the month of May. (Fresh) Stephan Sigurjons The return of Dan Jurgens to Booster Gold comes right in time for the universe to flip on its head.

The Comic Book Catacombs (Fresh) Chuck Wells Thankfully, Jurgens & Rapmund are back at home in the very place they need to be to produce some fun comics. I enjoyed their previous Booster Gold work and this chapter of Flashpoint bodes well for their welcome return to this title.

Sorry, but IGN didn't publish a review of this issue. Next: Flashpoint #2 and more miniseries and one-shots.
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I'm pretty sure that 6/10 is a Fresh when it comes to Rottentomatoes. 

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@Roldan: The overall tone of the article was negative, so I gave it a rotten, but thanks for the feedback.
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@Chaos Prime: Thanks:) Just put up Batman, Knight of Vengeance