Justice League Members

This is a list of the members of the current Justice League teams as of the New 52.

Note: I didn't read JLI, so all my knowledge of them comes from online. Let me know if I messed up. Same goes for JLD. Also, I don't read JLD, but looking at its members, it seems to be an entirely different team than JL, JLI, or JLA. Should they be on this list? Feedback would be cool.

Last updated on 1/23/13

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Posted by doctoraquaman

A very comprehensive list. You are the first person I know who included Justice League Dark in there. I do not believe that Firehawk ever became a JLIer, though, since I read the story, and I saw Booster Gold talking about wanting to do make her a member, but, in the end, he was unable to talk to her. Also, Rhonda Pineda, the new Atom, as become a member. And, I notice some people include Animal Man and Swamp Thing in there, because they worked with JLD during Rot World, and some people include Phantom Stranger in JLD because JLD appeared in an issue of Phantom Stranger.