Fantastic Four & Future Foundation Members

This is a list of everyone who's been a member of Marvel's Fantastic Four, the Future Foundation or a close associate to the teams.

Last updated on 1/6/13

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Posted by Video_Martian

cool list =D

Posted by Gambit1024

Thanks =D  
I have to update it a little though -_-

Posted by doomsilver

what about Dr. Doom he is suposed to join future foundation
Posted by Gambit1024

Yep, I gotta update it. Tough to keep up, y'know :)

Posted by skaarason

awesome list , im just getting into ff

Posted by BlueLantern1995

AWESOME LIST...If I ever need to do a Marvel team Fan Fic I'll check your list.

Posted by PowerHerc

Nice to see a roster list devoted to the Fantastic Four!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Funny, that there use to be only four members at first...

Posted by Gambit1024

Updated. If anyone can give me the issue where Diablo, High Evolutionary, Mad Thinker, and Wizard were recruited to the FF, that'd be awesome.