Does Strawberry Soft-Serve Exist?

Today at work we were talking about how much my friend hates chocolate and prefers everything vanilla. We then discussed our favorite types of ice cream and I brought up strawberry. We agreed that it is the lesser of "the big three" (the others being vanilla and chocolate). I never really liked the flavor. Not because it doesn't taste bad, but because I never cared for the actual chunks of strawberry they put in it. I found it annoying, but then I asked if strawberry soft-serve ever existed and if it tastes any good.  
So does it exist? If so where do you find it? Is it good? 
PS, I work at a food stand and it was COMPLETELY dead today, so yeah, this is the stuff we come up with for conversation. Don't judge me... 


If Chris Evans wasn't Cap...

Who would you chose? I personally feel that the actor HAS to be American (would be pretty ironic if it wasn't), should be somewhere between 30 years old and up, and should have a good background in serious roles.  
If it were me doing the casting, I would've picked Mark Valley as my first choice, and Brad Pitt as a back up choice. 
If Sam Worthington was American, I think he would've done a great job too. 

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