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@Augustus Freeman VI said:
@Osiris1428 said:
I feel like they did DOOMWAR, and then just didn't go to the logical conclusion after that: finding the vibrianium, exploring Storm and BP's relationship.
Yeah they could have followed him through Wakanda showing his and the cities everyday life, his relationship with; storm, his family, the royal staff, and the citizens of Wakanda while occasionally showing and explaining customs. They could have also showed him working, researching, and trying to find the vibranium. Which ,as you suggested in another forum, could lead to him and a team of Wakandians going into space to look for more or discover its origins. Or a Wakanda that starts to accept mysticism with its lack of vibranium
I thinkg the quest for Vibrainum is the logical next step in the Black Panthers mythos. DoomWar gave writers an opertunity to explore Vibbrainum and its origins.
I remember seeing a pic in the Fall of the Hulks comic where there is a scroll depicting Wakandan mystics calling the Vibranium comet to earth. It would be cool if Storm and her ancestor Ashake helped the Wakandans call another comet to earth.
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@rapest_of_super_heros said:
MY heralds:
This is now my wall paper.
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I think another noteworthy rapper for best of them all is BUSTA BUST!!! Busta Ryhmes is one of the greatest rappers and performers out there.  
There are a lot of rappers that can drop bars but there arent that many that can spit and entertain at the same time.  
Busta is the top of the game when it come to both.

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@Billy Batson:  That is true but the God Rakim is still killing the performance scene. just cause you dont hear new music doent mean his music aint rocking around the world.

@GalactaSurfer: Best is a matter of opinion not fact as such just because he's the best for one doesn't necessarily make him the best to others 

No doubt. I was considering the rappers that BB mentioned and it just surpised me that he didnt mention Rakim.
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@Billy Batson said:
@dccomicsrule2011 said:
@Billy Batson said:
@dccomicsrule2011 said:
@Billy Batson said:

It's 2 pac not 2 poc :p Tupac wins but he's not the best. 


spelled it wrong lol!!!! and what do you mean 2 pac is the best rapper ever.

I disagree. I could name many rappers who are better than him. 


name some please i say no one can touch him.

some of them are groups but whatever... 

Mos Def 

Talib Kweli 

Pharoahe Monch 

Wu Tang Clan (8-9 members) 

De la Soul (3 members) 

Phi Life Cypher (2 members and a DJ) 

Rhyme Asylum (+3 members) 

Aesop Rock 

Del the funky homosapien 



Lupe Fiasco 

Stig of the Dump 

Kool Keith 


Black Thought


All of these are excellent choices! BUT you forgot one of the greatest of all time RAKIM!
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@Osiris1428 said:
Tupac in his Deathrow days would make like a "Hit Em Up" type of record for Wayne, and most people would be on Pac's side. Tupac's delivery is better and his subject matter is more relevant. Wayne is entertaining for some, but he so rabbit out the hat with his rhymes. It's Wayne's image that I cannot stand, and especially all these people I seen getting facial tattoos and piercing and dreds because they are a bunch of followers. In a freestyle battle, I think Wayne would take it. Pac wasn't that kind of rapper. His freestyle game is just not spectacular. Wayne apparently does not write his rhymes and is constantly just coming up with material (Pac did the same thing, sure). Wayne is good with punch lines, smilies and metaphors. These are the bread and butter of battle rappers.

I dont even think Wayne can freestyle for real. almost everything thats come out of his mouth has been written by a far supeior rapper (See Curen$$y).  
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@PabloMcFly said:
Lets not forget about Darwin. His solo issue in X-Factor a few months ago had his getting shot in the face, only for his body to relocate his head into his stomach.  And his powers teleported him away from Hulk instead of fighting. It can be a creative power, but often it's just a little cheap.
 Its cheap when the writers arent being creative. evloution powers could be cool ifnot taken to the extreme.

but too bad his powers didnt work like that for him in the First Class movie
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Is it still too early for this thread?

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I love Yu-gi-oh the series and the card game. I havent had much time to play in recent years tho. Im always going to be a Zombie deck guy.