The Red Kings Battle Arena Tournament !

Welcome to the Red Kings Battle Arena Tournament!
Place your bets on one of these monstrous gladiator teams.

Match #1

A-Bomb, Doc Samson, Thing, Hulk (Planet Hulk)



T-Rex Venom, Carnage, Toxin, ZZZXX



Match #2

Titania, Abosrbing Man, Grey Gargoyle, Rhino  



Silver Savage, Savage She-Hulk, She-Hulk, Betty Ross  



Match #3

Korg, Caiera, Hiroim, Skaar (limited Old Power)


Iron Clad, Ursa Major, Abomination, Meik 

Column Head 1Column Head 2Column Head 3Column Head 4

Match #4

Namor (limited flight), Hercules, Giant Man, Colossus

Column Head 1Column Head 2Column Head 3Column Head 4


Red King, General Thunderbolt Ross, Wrecker

Column Head 1Column Head 2Column Head 3

  • Each battle stats 100 feat away.
  • Battles are to the death
  • Each team has a days rest between battles
  • Anyone can utilize and kind of melee weapon common to gladiator sports
  • All gladiators are tagged with a slave disk (with the exception of the Red King)
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Posted by God_Spawn


Silver Savage, Savage She-Hulk, She-Hulk, Betty Ross  

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Posted by GalactaSurfer
@god_spawn:  Just for that match or do you think they can go all the way?
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most likely all the way, silver savage alone in planet hulk was whipping around Hulk and his warbound, Until Hulk caught him flat footed. SS showed fighting skills and strength. Couple in She-Hulk who has 100+ strength herself, fighting skills and nerve strikes, Betty's ruthless fighting and the savage she-hulk they have a solid chance at winning. 
 With the power discs on most people will limit their powers as well, for example Hulk isnt gonna get too strong to the point he becomes unbeatable which evens things out.
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Posted by weaponx

Match 1: Team Hulk

Match 2: Team Silver Savage
Match 3: Team Caiera
Match 4: Team Hercules... very tough for me to decide... could be very wrong. 
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Posted by GalactaSurfer