Rumble in the Jungle!: Battle for the Vibranium Vault

The Shuri Black Panther has come to the Savagelend to assist his ally KaZar in defending the Savageland's Vibranium mines.

 Standard Equipment
  Conventional weapons, Modern weapons

 The heroes assemble their forces to protect the Savageland recruiting Shanna the She-Devil, Zabu, and the Man-Thing

 Conventional weapons/Modern weapons

Round 1: The Mysterious forces that have been using guerrilla tactics to attack the Savageland are revealed to be the work of Kraven the Hunter! Not only Kraven but his entire Clan has joined the hunt

Shuri and KaZar's forces must face off against the Kraven clan!

Conventional weapons, Modern weapons
 Conventional weapons/Maoden Weapons
 Conventional Weapons/Modern weapons

Round 2: Calypso has joined the battle and has resurrected Sauron and M'baku the Man-Ape to do her dark bidding!

Shuri's and KaZar's Forces must face off against the combined forces of Kraven and Calypso

The battle takes place deep in the jungles of the Savageland which conceal the location of the Vibranium mine.
  Kravens forces have been prepped for 5 days prior to battle. The Black Panthers/KaZars forces have fortified their locations. Morals are off for the baddies and on for the do-gooders. Encounters are random.
 Who falls? Who is left standing? Will Shuri and KaZar defend the Vibranium mines or will Kraven and his forces lay claim to the precious metal?
Posted by MzombieX

 When does the first issue of this series come out? I'd actually like to read this one. 
Seriously though, nicely done GalactaSurfer. 

I'll go with my boy B.P. on this. Having the raw power of the Storm Goddess in their corner gives them a nice edge.
Then again Kraven's group are as cunning as they get ... and Calypso with an army of undead is a really nice touch!
Yet somehow I have a feeling that Man-Thing is the surprise they didn't prepare for and he seals the victory in the end
Posted by God_Spawn

nice set up
Posted by xdm

Firstly...welcome on comicvine !
Secondly...good job !
I give it to BP and KZ.

Posted by GalactaSurfer

Thanks guys! ^^  I love this site and I dont know why I didnt know about it before. Seems to have a great community here.
So far Black Panther and KaZar hold strong.

Posted by difficlus
@god_spawn said:
" nice set up "
Posted by GalactaSurfer


Posted by Rainja


Posted by pooty

Storm can take out most of the opposition on her own. She's the only one who has REAL powers. BP team takes it.

Posted by GalactaSurfer
@pooty:  Calypso does have some interesting powers, I think shes being underestmated in this battle she could easily cast illusions to confuse Storm into attacking her own team members.
I may update Kravens team with someone to balance out the power divide.
Posted by GalactaSurfer

The Battle has been updated! Garokk has joined the fun.
Hopefully this balances things out.

Edited by Shadowsnake89

    Man this is a good match up. I've got to give it to the panther team by a slim margin, probably losing Zabu and Shuri though.

Posted by daak1212

BP's team
Posted by GalactaSurfer
@Shadowsnake89:  Thanks! I can see Zabu and Shuri being captured by Kravens forces. I also see Storm ,even tho she is very powerful and the environment is beneficial to her, having a hard time with Calypso. Magic is in of those areas that Storm should be at a disadvantage and Calypso is a very powerful magic user.
Posted by GalactaSurfer

UPDATE! I've retconned this battle so that the Black Panther (Tchalla) and Storm are removed from battle. Shuri and KaZar now lead the batle.