Marvel Knights vs Batman Familia


Marvel Knights - DareDevil, Moon Knight, Black Widow, Black Panther, & Elektra* (formerly Spider Man)

No morals
Blood lusted
No morals. Equipped with sniper rifle and SHIELD sky cycle
v1:pre-doomwar Panther v2: current MWOF Panther

Batman Familia - Batman (Bruce), Batman (Dick), Red Robin, Batwoman, & Cassandra Cain


no morals
No morals/bloodlusted
**In an effrot make this battle more balanced I've switched out Spider Man for Elektra

Round 1

Location 1: Gotham City Rooftops
  • All opponents start on different rooftops
  • opponents can BFR
  • No Prep, Random encounter

Round 2

Location 2: SHIELD base #13
  • King of the Hill: One of the teams must be able to completely dominate the hill, which lies in the center of the base, for at least 5 minutes.
  •  The base is rigged with traps and defense systems to prevent intruders. There is a control room that one of the opponents can reach in order to control or turn off the defense systems.
  • Both teams start on different ends of the base.
Posted by comicdude23

Team 1 win. Due to BP's tech and Spider-Man.

Posted by Nelomaxwell

This is a dope one, real Quick, this isn't Shadow land DD right, Is this current MM? When You say classic BP gear which do you mean? Kirby, Priest, Mcgregor or Hudlin?

Posted by GalactaSurfer
@Nelomaxwell:  Thanks! This is normal DD, current MK (MM?), and this is BP pre-Doomwar.
Posted by GalactaSurfer
@comicdude23:  Both rounds?
Posted by comicdude23
@GalactaSurfer said:
" @comicdude23:  Both rounds? "

Posted by Nelomaxwell
@GalactaSurfer said:
" @Nelomaxwell:  Thanks! This is normal DD, current MK (MM?), and this is BP pre-Doomwar. "
Sorry homey MK got caught up in the alterations.If it's 1 on 1 The Knights take it IF it FFA then the Bat-Fam could pull it out of the bellfree
Posted by DeadpoolvIronFist

MK stomps
Posted by biggkeem89

Marvel Knights stomp both. BP and Spidey with no morals is just too much. Plus, a bloodthirsty MK and Daredevil, just straight murder. I see Spidey ripping Bruce's face off like he did in Grim hunt. It would be a bloody mess.

Posted by GalactaSurfer
@Nelomaxwell:  Round 1 the fight can be 1 on 1 or team ups depends on how you think they get around since they all start off on different rooftops. In round two the teams are together and most likely converge in the center for a free for all.
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@biggkeem89:  The only opponents that are no morals/blood lusted are the ones that are marks as such. Spidey is in character.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

team 1

Posted by daredevil21134
@haydenclaireheroes said:
"team 1 "
Posted by GalactaSurfer

Do you guys think that the battle is unbalanced? 
I would think that the Batman family would make up for what they dont have in power with better teamwork since theyre all used to working together, while the MK team only has some time working together.
I would personally say that Round one the Bat fam has a good chance at winning due to strategy and teamwork and round two MK would take it.

Posted by TheGoldenOne

Marvel knights win

Posted by ReVamp

MK. Spidey can punch a hole through anyone of the Bat people.

Posted by buttersdaman000

Yeah spidey is difference maker here. With him on the Marvel Knights team the Bat family gets destroyed

Edited by Zaterra

Spiderman being on this team is really unfair for the other team, take him off and DC team wins they should have Flash or someone

Edited by GalactaSurfer
@ReVamp:  @buttersdaman000: @Zaterra: Yeah Spidey does unbalance this fight. I was initially going to have Luke Cage in the 5th spot but I needed someone that can get around the locations that I have for this battle.
Do you guys think that the MK team can still win with Cage in there instead of Spidey? (my other choice was going to be Elektra)
Posted by ReVamp
Spidey and Cage are both way past the level of others in the fight. Specially w/o morals and without the Bat team having prep. I'd go as far as to say they could probably solo.
Changing them for elektra on the other hand would be OK.
Posted by GalactaSurfer
@ReVamp:  Wow! wait your saying you think that Cage could solo the entire BatFam by himself?! Even with the conditions of this fight? Same for Spidey?
Posted by ReVamp
I'm saying it is a possibility, not that it is very probable. But yeah they're both pretty much above the rest of them. They are just too powerful. You really need to replace them with elektra otherwise there is no way the bats can win without prep.
Posted by GalactaSurfer
@ReVamp:  Yeah your right. Thanks for the input. I went with Elektra for a more balanced battle. 
Posted by jayskee

marvel knights stomp
Posted by weaponxxx

With Spidey being replaced by Elektra I would give round one to the Batman family and round two to the Marvel Knights, both cases being determined by home field advantage. I think its a really even match-up with a slight edge to the Batman family.

Posted by Nefarious

Team 1 wins.

Posted by Gremlin From Kremlin

Team 1.

Posted by ryanthereaper

I'd go team one for the clear win in the first fight. and then team 2 for the second.

Posted by thedarkknight0224

I disagree.. The Bat family has experience working together, the Knights work solo. I think Lady Shiva who trained Batgirl and helped Batman would beat Elektra..


But with no Spiderman this isn't even a contest. Since each of the fights are starting on a single roof top, Batman systematically wipes the floor with all of them. If Nightwing/Batman/Dick doesn't take his oppenent down.


In fight two, the Knights have never worked together, Bruce, Dick and Tim, would flow like water over the Knights, distracting disorientating and KO' ing them. DD and Elektra would put up a fight but fall eventually.


Bat family takes both...

Posted by Reaper_bat

I agree

Posted by GalactaSurfer
@Nelomaxwell said:
This is a dope one, real Quick, this isn't Shadow land DD right, Is this current MM? When You say classic BP gear which do you mean? Kirby, Priest, Mcgregor or Hudlin?
Not Shadow land DD and the BP in this battle has to modes Priest version and Liss version.
Posted by The_Elemetal

i think, since spidey was taken out, that the bat family can take this as thedarkknight0224 stated the bat family has more experience working as a team

Posted by Goyo77

team 1. Even though moon knight is a ghetto batman.

Posted by Illuminatus

Team 1 murders.