im back

hey every one did you miss me !

i have busy lately tracking special people , was in road trip where i meet 7 people with incredible gifts weel i found out can anyone can be heroe or villain it's up to them

i meet hese people

regina pascol in uttica,new york

who claimed to have an extra ordinaru gift of hearing dead people

plus a mechanic with the talent of analysing how machines work

plus a man i georgia who grew his own fruit tree without doing any labour

a skater named derek who can move faster than a spped car

a woman hypnosist

a woman named alan who can see auras

and man in arizona who can bend things easily like paper



may be you were wondering were i was this past days i was really busy since school started but i'll be more active soon


the hood

im part of a renegade group named the hood , we don't believe in the government , there currently 99 of us , special people with gifts deemed to dangerous

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ok i have been thinking about this for a year already , will there be a new x-men movie not the x-men one but a movie on the teenagers, i have been doing a survey what people think about the stereotypes and i will soon publish my plot for this movie

but heres

my cast

for the movie

teachers -

beast- same as the thrid

cyclops- same

storm- same

emma frost- Marley Shelton

rogue- same

iceman- same

northstar- Matt Roth


my twin

my twin is evil pain evil you see i help people with power cause im interested in learning about powers and the universe not training them to be heroes so i not good like a hero or anything

but my twin is my excat opposite he is a power hungry meniac who will steal your powers

he came up with whole morlock massacre not sinister and employed the marauders so he can later kill them , he eliminated the x-staix and sylar is dead he put him out of his misery so he can get his powers all eleven powers