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I couldn't find this exact topic anywhere and if it goes somewhere else, please move it. This isn't a general "Your team of X-Men" or "Your Avengers" thread. I want to know, if you were to make a team of 7-12 heroes, who would they be? It could be those heroes who you think would best serve the team in terms of strength, skill, or cunning, or simply your favorite characters. With this thread, I'm looking to have it encompass everything. If you want to have Moto from Biker Mice from Mars or Bucky O'Hare, you can. It doesn't have to be specifically one team or one publisher. Also, going along with this thread, who would their rogues gallery be? Make a list of 7-12 villains who you think would be best suited to best match/outmatch your team, or once again if you'd like... Simply your favorite villains.


1. Captain America

2. Batman

3. Cyclops

4. Superman

5. Hawkeye

6. Robin

7. Cable

8. Gambit

9. Daredevil

10. Colossus

11. Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

12. Nightcrawler


1. Joker

2. Darkseid

3. Magneto

4. Scarecrow

5. Dr. Doom

6. Lex Luthor

7. Mystique

8. Ra’s Al Ghul

9. Darth Maul

10. Mr. Sinister


12. H’El

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Once I got really drunk (Seagram's 7 and Mickey's Malt Liquor) and I got on Facebook (I was 20) and I messaged this girl I had a crush on all the way from 7th grade to graduation and told her how I felt. I told her I wasn't expecting a message back and I never got one. I never would have done that if I wasn't drunk, though. It took me about 30 minutes to type because I had to keep correcting spelling errors haha

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I much prefer DCs release schedule. I know which week I will be buying Batman or Superman or Detective Comics. I have to search Marvel's release calendar all the time to find which ones are coming out when. Cable and X-Force are coming out 2 weeks in a row!!! I hate that.

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Don't know anything about the JSA or any of these characters but I'm definitely picking it up.

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I don't know that much about Spiderman, especially not this new one, but why does he have claws?

@SmashBrawler said:

I've been looking forward to this but... dunno, I'm not feeling the art.

I'm not saying agree with me but I hated the art in Hawkeye when I first saw it but it definitely grew on me and has become one of my favorite new styles. I've never cared for Daredevil but I've suddenly sparked an interest in him, so I'm excited for this.

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I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but Amazon has the New 52 Justice League Superman action figures on sale... Alone, not in the Justice League pack. The DC website said it wasn't supposed to come out until January but it's on Amazon. I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I'm building my own Supheroes team of DC and Marvel characters and their own rogues gallery and Superman and Batman will definitely be the leaders. The Avengers League Men (Avengers/Justice League/X-Men haha). So far I only have JL Batman, Hawkeye (original, not movie Hawkeye) Bane (DKR Bane), and (Arkham City) Harley Quinn. For Christmas I asked for Gambit, US Agent, Magneto, Joker (AC), and Robin (AC). I also have Nightwing (AC), Hope Summers, and Yellow Lantern Scarecrow shipping now. I have a list of about 50 figures I want to have and I might create a battle scene which would be awesome.

I just thought I'd mention the Superman thing and then I got carried away haha.

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Even though I'm still not a huge fan after even reading the last Superboy, I'm still excited to get another piece of the puzzle. Supergirl and Superman have both been awesome, though... It sucks that Superman 15 doesn't come out until January, though. The other questions mentioned above, I'm not really sure about them. Maybe after getting a little more pieces of the puzzle this month, I can have some answers of my own.

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Print... Always print. I'm a collector. I love collecting things and I just can't look at the boxes of comics I have. I got some free digital comics and I hated it.

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Ugh, I can't wait to read AVX. I didn't get to when it came out but for Christmas I asked the HC so I can't wait to finally read it.

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I was thinking about maybe dropping Action Comics but after this, I may stay on and see what Tony Daniel can do.