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So why are they kicking Shalvey and Ellis off? I really like Shalvey's art and I hate seeing him only doing covers. He deserves to be on a full series.

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I keep saying I'm going to drop this, and I don't know why because after every preview I decide I have to pick it up. I love his very different style of art and the colors. It's weird looking but weird in a really cool way.

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I would like to read a Death of Superman reboot (I'm assuming that's what it is) but it's getting horrible reviews so I'm not going to waste my money. Maybe I'll buy the TPB for cheap when it comes out.

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I'll be Daredevil

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Lame... Marvel needs to expand, try something new and unique. The same characters get boring after awhile. I can't even read their stuff anymore because I'm so bored with the same stories with the same characters over and over. I can only read Image and Vertigo now because they're pretty much the only 2 doing anything unique. Dark Horse is all Hellboy and Star Wars and Valiant and IDW just can't get me interested in anything. DC is just as bad as Marvel but luckily they let Vertigo have pretty much free creative reign.

I mean, for God sakes Marvel, Daredevil is one of my favorite heroes and definitely my favorite Marvel hero and I've gotten bored with his stuff too. Get me interested again! Until then, I'm only spending my money on quality books constantly pumped out by Image comics.

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Who is the artist on that? I'm excited to see Kick-Ass and Walter White take on Godzilla.

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Art is a little generic and boring for me which is what we get from a lot of IDW series.

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Depends, the huge crossover stories do, at least I don't give my money. I liked Death of the Family because it was a crossover but you actually only had to get Batman to get the whole story. I bought the first Age of Ultron book but none after that. I got most of Infinity because I liked it but I haven't any other crossovers. No Battle of the Atom, Forever Evil, whatever else they have or will have going on soon. I don't buy into it. I don't want to waste my money buying comics I don't care about to get a part of a story. It's a huge money making scheme and Marvel is ripping us off at every turn. They price everything at the high end and that are putting out a lot of poor quality stories recently. They're rehashing the same characters and scenarios. That's why I like Image, they don't do that crap.

In May, Image is having a Chew/Revival crossover... Guess how many issues... 1! That's enough to get the point across and not rip us off.

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AH! I never saw this poll! I would have voted Watchmen though.

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I wasn't going to get it because I didn't know if I could commit to a weekly but I wanted a good Batman story so I changed my mind. I got bored with the main Batman story so I needed to be able to read one about him. I like it so far, I wasn't expecting Carmine, I was thinking Black Mask, but that was just a loose guess. I hope it continues to be good...

@g_man when you said spoilers, I was thinking for Batman Eternal, not the Long Halloween! That's next on my list and now it's ruined! Kind of like the butthole on eBay spoiled Invincible 110 for me before I got to read it!