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I like it. That's similar to how he was dressed on the first Action Comics trade... minus the cape.

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I know everyone always says the same thing but it's true. None of the others can hold a candle to Batman's rogues gallery.

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I'm going to sell some comics today and I'm planning on getting buying a comic/comics with what I make. I'm torn. I can't decide if I should get Amazing Spiderman 300(found it for $150). On Ebay, there is only a glared picture so I wouldn't buy it until the seller gives me a better idea of condition. My other option is a Marvel Now Amazing Spiderman 1 Gamestop Edition plus A New 52 Batman #1. The ASM gamestop edition is highly collectible and sought after.Both are in NM condition and $130 together. I'm just torn, should I go with a vintage comic whose price has kind of stabilized or the two newer ones that are still going up in value? In case you were wondering, I don't have $150 in comics to sell, I'm just trying to lessen how much I need to spend.


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Okay, so at my LCS, just a couple days ago I noticed a Chew #1 first print, not CGC authenticated (I don't care about CGC. I'm not paying them to give their opinions on my books. I can tell if they're good enough condition for me or not) but signed by John Layman. It is only for $250 which is a steal for a Chew #1. I haven't exmained it closely but from what I could see it was in great condition. Chew is one of my favorite books and I would love to have a #1.

On the other hand, I've been looking on eBay and I found a Walking Dead 19 (first Michonne), it's got a couple creases in the spine which isn't a big deal for me. It is also not signed but Michonne is easily my favorite Walking Dead character and I would love to own this comic. It is also right around $250 so I wouldn't be spending anything different. If I were to get the Chew #1, I could maybe save up and eventually by a Walking Dead #19 but $500 for 2 comics, I already feel a little weird contemplating buying a $250 comic.

The condition of the Walking Dead 19 is not a factor in my decision (Chew #1 wll probably have 1 or 2 anyway if I'm able to get a closer look), nor is it not having a signature. I am just torn over which one to buy. I love Chew but I also love Michonne and I cannot figure out which I should buy so any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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They will only be 1/4 Viltrumite since Mark is only half and there is nothing saying that Eve's powers will be passed down. They're not genetic, they were given to her by government experiments. Knowing Robert Kirkman, I'm sure their kid will have both powers but we won't know until their kid is born. Also, what's saying it will be a boy? That could be another twist. I think most people are expecting them to have a boy but we'll have to wait.

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Manifest Destiny, Wicked and Divine, the Devilers (maybe). I have a few I need to get that I missed from last week.

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This is just a thread to show my elation about the events that transpired for me on Saturday. So, Invincible is my favorite series, easily. I have both compendiums, TPB 18, plus issues 100-onward. The one comic I've always wanted for my collection is an Invincible #1 but it is very difficult to find and it is usually at least $200, more like $300+ for a NM copy. I found one on eBay that I was trying to bid on, it was a CGC 9.8 for $330. I had some comics I wanted to sell (around 200 comics) to try and get the money but I knew I wouldn't be able to make enough for it. I went to a local LCS to sell them to add to my Invincible 1 fund and she asked me how much I wanted. I said I was trying to get an Invincible 1 and I was hoping for around $300... which I knew my comics weren't worth. She looked through them and said that there wasn't $300 in there but she looked at me and said, "did you say Invincible #1?" My eyes got huge as she walked behind the counter and pulled out an Invincible #1, signed by Robert Kirkman. It isn't CGC so the signature isn't certified but after checking ebay, it fits his other signatures that are certified. It's probably around a 9.0 in quality which is very good for a #1. After trading my comics, I only paid $25. I got a 9.0, signed copy of an Invincible #1 for $125!!!! (It is a true #1, not the stupid Larry's Limited crap, in case you were wondering). I had a stupid grin on my face all Saturday and I still can't believe I got it for that incredible price. I am going to get it graded as soon as I can but it is sitting right now so I can see it every time I go into my room.

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He got raped. And when the savior is not safe no one is

You should point out that it was by a woman. He wasn't prison-raped, a woman overpowered and someone had normal sex with him against his will. It technically was rape but when you hear a guy was raped, you generally think of a prison-rape type deal. Just thought I'd clarify a little.

This is the best series there is. If I could only buy 1 series, this would be the one. It truly is the only superhero book you need. It is full of action, humor, violence, and drama. Plus, a great overall story. It is a 112 issue (thus far, I know 115 was solicited, but I'm only speaking of issues released) story arc. It has the same fantastic writer with the same universe, as was said, no crossovers, if they die, they're dead. A lot of trouble with Marvel and DC books is they get a writer for 20 issues and they switch so you get a totally different story and feel and it feels completely convoluted. Invincible has had the same writer (and it's his property, so it won't switch) the whole time, only 2 artists (both great) and Ryan Ottley is over 100 issues now. It is a fantastic book and you should drop all your Marvel and DC books (except Detective Comics, Buccelatto and Manapul are doing great there) and switch to Image. Invincible is the only superhero book you need.

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I've always liked Declan's work and he does an awesome job on Moon Knight. A shame he's leaving.

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Man, there are some mean comments. I am not a huge fan of Morrison but I don't know, Annihilator seems interesting. Plus, I wasn't really a fan of Irving's work on Uncanny X-Men but it fits this story (at least what they've shown) perfectly.