Your Pull List

Your Pull List

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Posted by miki

why it's yout pull list?it's a good list.

Posted by Comicgirl93

WOW! You have a great list here! :D

Posted by Ultimate JSA
@Comicgirl93 said:
"WOW! You have a great list here! :D "

what she said
Posted by Journey Into Chaos
listen sometimes.
Posted by franco2011
Posted by jrock85

It may be time to update this, Tony. LOL

Posted by Iron Apollo

the one problem with pull lists is how often you have to update them, or recreate them. otherwise they look old, although that's not a problem if you want to archive what you were reading a couple of years ago. Mine looks even older,

Posted by Cyclops4President
Posted by hyperman

i'm a huge fan of your!!, please check on my lists!!