Your Favorites List

Your Favorites List

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like your list ,a lot
Posted by zombie flash

cool dude
Posted by GTG12

Posted by rogue_mar1e

interesting list

Posted by Omertalvendetta

no Hulk or Hobgoblin??

Posted by sergyanime

amazing list. 

Posted by doomsilver

i like clandestine too
Posted by Jacko77

Madman,Homer Simpson and Space ghost,
add Silver surfer and Jack Knight and it´s perfect for me

Posted by franco2011
Posted by RedQueen

Molly Hayes is awesome :D

Great List G-Man !

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

Awesome list really awesome

Posted by Cyclops4President


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Madman!! I approve

Posted by ghostrider152

cool blog but u need ghost rider on it

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cool blog but u need ghost rider on it

Especially if keeping title "Your Favorites List," since Ghost Rider is one of mine. If it's your favorites, nifty! I don't know half of these characters yet, but looking forward to learning about 'em as my fandom grows.

Posted by CapedCrusader1939