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Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #1 came out last week and I immediately fell in love with the ridiculous brilliance of it. We discussed this on last Friday's Live Happy Hour Show. For those unable to watch the show, check out the trailer and then track down and buy the comic. And check out www.axecop.com for even more fun. 

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@lazystudent: Ray actually wrote this one. There was a glitch and it showed me on the forums.
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@xkoenig I think you misunderstood me. I love this book and Brubaker. I was ecstatic with the roster even if they weren't all fully utilized. The two missions they've gone on haven't necessarily required complete secrecy. I think there's so much more kick ass things they could be doing.

As for being keeping the roster a secret from villains, is that really necessary with all the different Avengers teams? The bad guys won't know who's going to show up. For a while, it wasn't even clear who was on the Avengers and who on the New Avengers.
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I never realized I was in a Cowboy Shot each time. Yee-haw!

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@Axdemon: It's more about questioning the logical. Yes Superman will win. Should he win so easily just because it's his book? No. We, as readers, shouldn't just accept things because they're written. I like to try to put some logic into the topics even if it seems silly to question a comic book idea. But that's why we're here, to discuss comic book topics. Superman should not easily defeat Doomsday. That's what this article is about. Past articles, like Superman's ship, is about exploring the history and the changes that have been made over the years. Just because a comic book writer says that's the way it is, doesn't make it a valid argument. 
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Who's silly enough to ever enter phone numbers or address to any social-type network? I won't even put my actual home city when asked.

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"Fractured Mirror" Part Two. 
Silver the Hedgehog is stranded on a strange, dark version of Mobius and fights stranger, darker versions of heroes you know and love!  Perhaps he can get a little help from the all new, all different Freedom Fighters?  But will they be enough against the terror of Enerjak? 
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn
ART:  Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Phil Felix & Ray Dillon
COVER: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash & Ben Hunzeker
Shipping Date: 3/2/2011                      
On Sale at Comic Shops: 3/9/2011
Newsstands: 3/22/2011
Comic, 32 pgs, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color                                        
$2.99 US     

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Okay, now this is starting to look interesting.