Witchblade #121 Review/Preview

Witchblade #121

In stores Wednesday October 1

Marz and Sejic have done it again.  I was expecting something to do with Broken Trinity.  I'm enjoying that but it was nice to read an issue that focused more on Sara being a cop.  This is something I'd like to see more of.  I think the Special Cases Unit was a brilliant idea.  It gives a reason for a couple of New York police officers to be checking out weird cases all the time. 

As can be seen on the cover, the main portion of the comic takes place in an Orthodox Jewish community.  Seeing this side of New York along with the racial tensions helps to give the comic that realistic feel that goes hand in hand with Sejic's art.  What starts out as a seemingly routine investigation is bound to take a turn for the weird.  Why else would Sara and Gleason be called in? 

The tension is added to as Gretch, the noisy reporter continues to try to uncover Sara's secret. 

Despite my liking the police side of Sara's life, we also don't see a lot of the Witchblade in action.  In that sense, this issue is setting things up for a big foe for the next issue.  Ron Marz continues to make the characters feel real.  Their conversations don't seem forced or cliche for a comic.  This continues to be a comic that I look forward to reading every month.

I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 only because it was a little light on the action and seeing Detective Gleason in the shower wasn't something I really needed to think about.  Here's the preview:

Witchblade #121
(W) Ron Marz     (A) Stjepan Sejic      (Cov) Stjepan Sejic
Gritty police drama meets supernatural thriller as mysterious deaths lead Sara Pezzini and her detective partner, Patrick Gleason, to the heart of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, a closed and cloistered society that does not tolerate outsiders. Something ancient and evil is stalking the community, something that even the Witchblade might not be able to stop.

This issue also features Capture the Witchblade Sweepstakes winner Mike Fogg drawn into the comic!

Full Color     32 pages     $2.99     Ongoing series

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