Will Anne Hathaway Wear a Catwoman Mask? Stunt Double Answers

There is simply way too many spoilers and spy footage for The Dark Knight Rises coming out. I'm not a fan of spoilers but in doing my job, I unfortunately come across them regardless if I want to see them or not. That is why I'm not putting this on the news page.

When Warner Bros. revealed the image of Anne Hathaway, many questioned her costume. I said that the goggles probably have something to do with controlling Batman's bike. Either that or it's some sort of night-vision goggles, which doesn't really make sense since she's out in the daylight (unless that will be fixed with a lens filter).

As for the question of whether or not Selina Kyle will wear standard goggles, a mask or nothing at all, this image from ComicBookMovie.com shows an image of a stunt double and pretty much answers the question.

Posted by Dernman

That's her stunt double? She's pretty could be an actress herself if she could act. Then again a lot of the actresses out today can't act and rely on their looks for work.

Posted by TheSheepHerder

Her stunt double is quite a looker. I hope Anne can give us a pretty good Catwoman.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

@G-Man: nice! thanks for that! I think a lot of us were super nervous about it!!!

Posted by InnerVenom123

I doubt that's the real mask. I could buy something like that at Party City if I wanted.   
It could be a stand-in for the real thing..... or she could could just have the night vision goggles thing. 

Posted by Sky_Jokiel

Or the more logical answer being, she was just headed to a masquerade later and didn't want to lose her mask lol

Posted by Calico5

It could be a mask for a start up costume like Spider-man's the wrestler outfit.