What If The Hulk Hadn't Waged World War?

A very good question.  For one, we wouldn't have had so many crossover stories and tie-ins.  Don't get me wrong, I love World War Hulk.  Hulk has always been one of my fav's and I've been enjoying the stories since Planet Hulk.  It's nice to have a change.  No longer is the Hulk on the run.  He's always wanted to be left alone but this time he was pushed too far.  I do fear for how the story will end.  How can things neatly go back to the way they were?  I'm also very glad this is written by Greg Pak.  If it had been done by anyone else, it would've been an insult to all that he's achieved.  AND FRED HEMBECK is a contributor!!  Hot Dog!!

As the summer’s biggest comic book event, World War Hulk, rages on, acclaimed writer behind it now turns his attentions to what could have been in What If? Planet Hulk. From Planet Hulk and World War Hulk author Greg Pak, artists Leonard Kirk, Rafa Sandoval and Fred Hembeck, comes this special extra-sized one-shot showing just how the year’s top selling event could have gone in three different paths! First, what if the Hulk had arrived at the intended destination of the Illuminati? Could this peaceful planet have tamed the savage Hulk? And then, what if Hulk died and his wife instead led the army against Earth? Finally, the one page story you demanded: what if Banner, not the Hulk, landed on Sakaar? That’s tree stories, one issue and a stunning cover by Planet Hulk artist Carlo Pagulayan!

“If you thought Hulk was brutal in WWH, you’ve seen nothing like Caiera’s revenge story,” said editor Mark Paniccia. “The Illuminati is lucky she’s not the one who came out of the stone ship. Iron Man will loose his head when he meets her (literally). Plus there are a few other surprising tie-ins to the current mythos. The other two stories are brilliant. Greg went absolutely wild with these tales.”

That’s three different outcomes for the Hulk straight from the man writing some of the most exciting stories in the character’s history! Greg Pak and friends bring you three stories that could—perhaps should—have been featuring the Incredible Hulk as you’ve never seen him before! It’s What If? Planet Hulk and once you’ve finished this special extra-sized one shot, your jaw will be on the floor!

Written by GREG PAK
Rated A …$3.99
FOC—10/04/07, On-Sale—10/24/07

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Posted by Kairan1979

A story I'd like to see - what if the explosion never happened and Hulk stayed on Sakaar with Cayera and Warbound.