Watch The Empire Strikes Back - 50s Style!

This is pretty dang cool. This dude named Ivan Guerrero (no relation) made a trailer for what The Empire Strikes Back would have looked like in the 50s. While he did an awesome job putting this together from other existing movies, keep this in mind next time you complain about the special FX in a movie. Ivan has some other cool videos you should check out as well.

Posted by TheHood

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by logan48227

This is hilarious! I could actually picture it like that if ESB were made in the 50's. 
But would that mean that Lando Calrissian would have been cast as a white man, or would he have been a white guy in blackface makeup?
Posted by GT-Man

awwma likw  50S MOVIE
Posted by Decept-O

I like the use of "Maria" the female android from Metropolis!  Footage of Leslie Nielsen.   Nicely done.  Pretty sweet.
Posted by Krakoa

pure awesomeness

Posted by Krakoa

his youtube page does indeed have lots of other cool videos. I saw that his name is Ivan Guerrero, any relation to you G-Man?

Posted by HaHaManHV

That is awesome. I would actually pay money to see that as a full feature, no question