Top Cow Debuts Wanted Mini-Site

Ha, I actually checked this out at work.  The sound of the gun cocking was kinda loud.  Luckily no one heard it.  Raise your hand if you're excited over this?  Wait, I can't actually see your hands.  Uhm, I guess you can comment about how much joy and happiness this brings you.

Top Cow Productions' mini-website for their hit property Wanted went live today. Wanted is the smash sellout series created by Mark Millar (Fantastic Four, Civil War) and JG Jones (Final Crisis, 52). Production is currently underway for the Wanted feature film from Universal Pictures and is scheduled for release in March 2008.

The website can be found at or through links on the front page of the Top Cow website ( Fans will be able stay up to date on news about the Wanted feature film as well an overview of the original series, character profiles, and previews. The site will continue to be updated leading up to the feature film's release. A third printing of the Wanted Trade Paperback featuring a brand new cover by JG Jones is scheduled to be available in September.

Additional and updated information regarding Wanted can be found at .

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