The Marvel X-Men panel at Comic-Con

What's in store for our favorite mutants?

On hand for the panel was Craig Kyle (X-Force), Matt Fraction (Uncanny), Jason Aaron (Wolverine), CB Celbulski (Manifest Destiny), Daniel Way (Deadpool), Marjorie Liu (NYX), and Nick Lowe (Editor).

Matt Fraction mentioned the Hellfire Cult and Sisterhood of Evil Mutants will play out.  Mutants will be moving in and out of the title in rotation.  Dazzler will be back (as alluded to in issue 500). 

Craig Kyle mentioned that issue six will wrap up the current storyline.  The next storyline will have a focus on Warpath.  There is also the Storm mini coming out (with Christopher Yost, who was stuck in traffic and couldn't be there).

  Jason Aaron mentioned that he will have some unfinished business in China Town now that they are in San Francisco.  He also wanted to make all the kung-fu movies he watched as a kid have meaning.  There will be lots of action coming.

"Inferno 2" is coming
CB mentioned the return of MAGIK (and thanked Kyle and Yost for bringing her back).  In December we will see Ex Infernus, which will basically be Inferno 2.  David Finch will be providing the covers.

Daniel Way said that his first arc with Wolverine is "in the bag."  It's going to start out with a bang.  We will be getting 5 parts over two months. 

Marjorie Liu will be working on the sequel/relaunch of NYX.

A question was asked whether or not we will see Iceman.  Apparently he will have a major role in Manifest Destiny in September.  Manifest Destiny will contain 8 page stories with Iceman's continuing throughout.  It will mess with his powers and he will have a "big fight with a major X-Villain."

When asked about Juggernaut, he too will appear in Manifest Destiny.  He will also show up later in another non-X-comic.

Will we see the return of Mojo?  Not just yet.  Spiral's more of a possibility. 

What about Jean?  "That's a good question," was the reply.  No one really wanted to answer.  Fraction finally said that it's discussed a lot and the "seeds are being planted." 

Gambit will continue his presence in X-Men Legacy.  He will return with Rogue.  It will be seen that the reason he was with Sinister and the Marauders was to help Rouge.

Some obscure characters were asked about.  Slipstream and Lifeguard may be back in 2009.  No plans for Cecilia Reyes.  It was mentioned that they weren't even sure if she was still alive.  Marjorie said she'd take her.  The homeless mutant kids could use a good doctor.

Will Kitty Pryde's current situation be addressed?  In Uncanny X-Men #504.

What about X-Statix?  Nick feels they can't be done without Peter Milligan and Mike Allred.

What about the fact that we have Arcangel in X-Force and still have Angel in Uncanny?  Continuity error?  It seems we weren't supposed to notice this.  Could it be something...Skrully?

Daken will see a change after the Original Sin storyline.  Could we see Daken and X-23 meet up?  Very likely.

What about Sabretooth?  Nick Lowe said he is dead and is not coming back.
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