Review/Previews for Ultimate Spider-Man #125 & Ult. X-Men #97

Here's some more previews for comics coming out this week from Marvel.

Ultimate Spider-Man #125

Ultimate Spider-Man #125

Review: Ultimate Beetle was my favorite part?

It's been how many issues now since Mark Bagley left?  I'm still feeling his absence.  I don't have anything against Stuart Immonen's art.  I just really miss the clear...perfection of Bagley's art.  Immonen's art sometimes seems a little inconsistent.  Venom actually looks a little humorous when he's eating a person.  I don't think that's really intentional.  At least Justin Ponsor's colors adds some shine to it.

I'm also not so sure about the return of Ultimate Venom.  His first appearance in the Ultimate universe was such a big deal at the time.  Thankfully, Bendis didn't go the easy route and keep using him to add to the sales.  What bothers me now is how helpless he seems.  Actually I suppose it's Eddie that seems weak. 

We see more of Ultimate Beetle here.  You have to wonder who this guy is.  He seems far from the Beetle we all know.  His appearance in this issue is one of the few things that I really liked.  The other was the last page.  It wasn't what I expected.  That one page is making me really look forward to the next issue. 

Hopefully Ultimate Spider-Man will get out of the little slump it feels like it's in.  It's been one of my favorite titles but lately it's been slipping.

3.5 out of 5

The War of the Symbiotes rages on - and the next victim may be Spider-Man himself! The high-flying Beetle has sliced off a tentacle of the slavering symbiote called Venom - but what does he want with it? Howling in pain, Venom gives chase to his tormentor through the streets of Manhattan, catching the attention of a certain wall-crawler. And when all three combatants come together, what occurs is so shocking, so unexpected, it could only happen in the book in which anything can happen!

Ultimate X-Men #97

Ultimate X-Men #97

Review:  "Oooh, Ultimate Professor X is a jerk too"

Professor X just never gets a break.  He's always being portrayed as doing things of a jerky nature.  He has to be like the sleaziest guy around.  It's amazing that he gets any respect.  Guess he can always alter people's minds to think of him as a charming fellow.

The great thing about the Ultimate universe is you never know what's going to happen.  I like that.  Sure there's been some things I wasn't too crazy about.  This recent "Absolute Power" storyline brought Ultimate X-Men back up towards the top of my reading list.  The concept of the Banshee drug and that it was derived from Wolverine has been interesting.  Check out the preview page with Professor X using it.  This also ties into the recent Ultimate Origins.  That's a nice touch.  There's even mention of Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk.  We are supposed to be seeing that soon.

I wonder what is going to happen to Colossus after this issue.  Things don't look too good for him.  The other X-Men will have to deal with the possible addiction to Banshee.  Surprisingly we even get a confirmation on who Colossus' supplier is. 

I'm not sure what the next arc will be but I like where Ultimate X-Men is going right now.  Aron E. Coleite and Mark Brooks have been refreshing.
4 out of 5

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