Previews for Avengers: Initiative #16 & SI: Spider-Man #1

Here's a couple more previews courtesy of Marvel.

Avengers: Initiative #16

Avengers: Initiative #16

For months you've heard one question over and over again: "Who do you trust?" Well we've got your answer right here, Earth-boy: TRUST THE KILL KREW! Yeah, that's right, the SKRULL KILL KREW are back! And they're ready to kill, maim, torture, and butcher every mother lovin' Skrull out there! Also, back at Camp Hammond, ANT-MAN is in a giant world of trouble--the biggest kind of trouble the SECRET INVASION can dish out.

Secret Invasion: Spider-Man - Brand New Day

Secret Invasion: Spider-Man - Brand New Day #1

New York is full of Skrulls and Spider-Man... where the heck is Spider-Man, anyway? Now, thanks to Brian Reed (MS. MARVEL) and exciting newcomer Marco Santucci, Jackpot and the rest of the cast of Brand New Day must pick up Spidey's slack and go toe-to-toe with Super-Skrulls-- including one that might just be Spidey himself!

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