Preview/Review for The Nearly Infamous Zango!

A little while ago I received a friend request from Lord Zango himself.  Last night I finally was able to read this first issue.  I liked it.  I've mentioned several times about branching out and trying "new" stuff.  I love the average mainstream comic but I don't feel it's the only stuff out there.  There is so much unseen material that deserves to be seen.  I do think we owe it to these talented creators to support them so that we do get new and innovative comics.  Check out the preview, read my review ( ), and call your local comic store and ask them to order a copy.

The Nearly Infamous Zango #1 introduces comic book readers to the laziest super villain alive. From creator Rob Osborne (1000 Steps To World Domination, Sunset City) and published by Absolute Tyrant, The Nearly Infamous Zango is an ongoing, bi-monthly comic book series. The first issue hits store shelves in March 2008.

In the first issue of The Nearly Infamous Zango, Lord Alfred Zango, Jr. is a formerly fearsome super villain. He was once the most notorious man in Metrotown. He razed entire city blocks, crushed super heroes beneath his heel. Now Lord Zango is just a malcontent couch potato. In bunny slippers and bathrobe, he gorges himself on junk food and fumes over the media attention that other super-baddies receive. Too lethargic to leave the house, Lord Zango sends a gorilla assassin to eliminate his competition.

The writer-artist of Zango is Rob Osborne. He is best known for 1000 Steps To World Domination, a mostly humorous, sometimes personal, often inspirational look at Osborne’s quest to conquer the world. That story garnered Osborne the first-ever Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics and was later published as a graphic novel by AiT/PlanetLar. The writer-artist followed with Sunset City, a graphic novella about a retired widower’s search for relevance.

Zango is Osborne’s first foray into the super hero genre, and the cartoonist is undaunted by the surplus of super-powered comics. “Calling Zango a super hero book is like suggesting that Arrested Development was homage to The Brady Bunch,” said Osborne. “This is a quirky, audacious look into a dysfunctional family of super villains.”

Lord Zango’s ambitions have spread to the internet, and he has his own MySpace page ( As MySpace users know, he is wont to hurl insults at those who befriend him. In a recent comment to a MySpace friend, Lord Zango wrote, “Finally, you're using that lump of cognitive mush! Choosing to serve me on MySpace is smart, but don't get cute! You are still a spineless, no-good wretch! Your charge is to submit to Lord Zango!”

The first story about Lord Zango and his family debuted as a one-shot comic book at the Alternative Press Expo in 2006. Last year, Osborne made a new, expanded version of The Nearly Infamous Zango available online at The new story was well received as a webcomic, paving the way for the ongoing comic book series. According to Shawn Demumbrum, proprietor of SpazDog Comics in Anthem, Arizona, that makes Osborne evil. “Make no mistake. I think he’s an evil genius for making us wait so long to see this story in print.”

The Nearly Infamous Zango #1 (Diamond order code: JAN083288, as seen in Diamond Comics’ January Previews, page 201) is a 24-page B&W comic shipping in March 2008 for $3.50. Written and drawn by Rob Osborne, and published by Absolute Tyrant. For more information, visit

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