Preview for Captain America #41

Captain America #41
I started reading Captain America at issue #300 "Cap Vs Red Skull - To The Death."  I remember thinking that was crazy.  How could you kill off either character.  What's funny is today, Cap is the one that's dead and Red Skull is alive (sort of).  I grew to really respect Cap and saw him for the great leader and character he is.  He was never as popular as Spider-Man or Wolverine but he was always the ultimate hero.  He was fully dedicated.  He drove himself to perfection.  He was a master strategist and could take down anyone. 

Did I hate it when he as killed off?  Of course.  But I love what Ed Brubaker's has been doing.  It amazes me that Steve died in issue #25 and the title is still going strong.  Each month I find myself waiting for the next issue as soon as I read it.  I'm dying to know what's going to happen after this storyline.

Captain America #41

The epic "Death of Captain America" tale hits its penultimate chapter... and the final battle between the New Captain America and the people who killed Steve Rogers begins here! By the Eisner-Nominated team of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.


I mentioned before, I've really been enjoying Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America even though he killed off Steve.  You can't fully predict what he's going to do next.  I remember in issue #1 when the Red Skull was shot, I was blown away. 

You also can't deny that Steve Epting is simply amazing.  I love his character designs and really hope he stays on for a long time.

In this issue, we're nearing the end of the "Death of Captain America" story.  I have to admit I'm on the edge of my seat.  All the players are moving into position.  There's even mention of why the Red Skull had a meeting with Doctor Doom. 

As much as I'm enjoying this story, this issue, to me, didn't quite compare to some of the recent ones.  Maybe I'm just getting spoiled from all the excitement that's been happening.  It's still an issue that shouldn't be overlooked, especially if you've been reading them all.  There are some events occuring that will have obvious effects in the next issue.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

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