Nixon's not a crook, but his pals are

Here's something else to look forward to.  I keep telling you, try something different.  Don't keep reading the same old stuff.  And check out the price, thirteen bucks for 120 pages!  I hate to make comparrisons but it reminds me a little of Powers by Bendis and Oeming.  Just looking at the characters on the cover has me interested.  At first I thought this had something to do with Richard Nixon, ha.  I only like reading about Nixon when he appears in Futurama comics.  Chris Burnham's got a nice drawing style.  If you're interested, I have a feeling you'll have to put in a request with your local comic shop.  Not sure if you'd be able to find this at your local Barns and Nobles.

This March YOUNGBLOOD's Joe Casey and rising star Chris Burnham dig deep into the hidden super-villain
underbelly of Los Angeles this March in the 120-page graphic novel, NIXON'S PALS.

"The 'Nixon' in NIXON'S PALS is Nixon Cooper, parole officer to Los Angeles' ever growing super-villain scene," said writer Joe Casey.
"This is hard boiled storytelling, basically putting a superpowered spin on what I love in crime fiction by writers like Elmore Leonard and Jim Thompson."

Casey is not comparing NIXON'S PALS to Leonard's work lightly. The world of NIXON'S PALS is far from bright, with Burnham bringing
a refreshingly unique twist on the conventional grim and gritty super tale.

Burnham said, "Not only is Joe the type of writer who lets an artist run free, but NIXON'S PALS is exactly the type of comics I love to draw.
It's an insane romp, filled with giant furnance robots, sentient breasts, and a ton of really vile bastards. It's fun for the whole family!"

NIXON'S PALS (JAN082057), a 120-page black and white graphic novel for $12.99, will be in stores March 26th, 2008.

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