New Avengers #30 Preview!!!

This is one of my favorite comics.  This is going to be the big one.  We (supposedly) find out who this new Ronin is.  Place your bets.  The window's about to close.  And things don't look too good for Dr. Strange.  Man, first he gets shot in The Oath (great series) and now it looks like he's getting a sword through the chest.  Just when he's starting to get cool again.  What's going to happen when Hulk arrives?

The recent incarnation of the New Avengers doesn’t have it easy, forging their own underground movement against the Superhuman Registration act they consider unjust and finding themselves embroiled in conflicts with their former friends. But as readers will learn in New Avengers #30, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. As readers continue to learn how the New Avengers survived their conflict with Iron Man’s state-sponsored Mighty Avengers team in the past, they’ll also be thrilled to the New Avengers’ current conflict with the martial arts crime cabal known as the Hand! Throughout this top-selling story arc by award-winning writer Brian Bendis and red-hot artist Leinil Yu (one of Marvel’s Young Guns), fans have wondered just who is wearing the new Ronin armor and they’re about to find out in May.

Oh, and did we mention this all sets the stage for 2008’s top secret Marvel epic?

So don’t miss the series that ComicBookResources.Com’s Augie De Blieck called, “the premiere team title of the Marvel Universe.” Marvel advises retailers to check their orders on New Avengers, which not only ties into the best-selling ongoing Initiative storyline, but continues to sell out with each issue.

NEW AVENGERS #30 (MAR072102)
Pencils and Cover by LEINIL YU
Rated A …$2.99
On Sale- 5/9/07


"2008's Top Secret Marvel Epic"?!?  Oh man.  Is this a good thing or does this mean another huge crossover that will require me to spend lots of money?  Either way, I'm excited.


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