Necromancer Pilot Season Preview & Review

I haven't read Necromancer before.  I see potential.  I think it's a sucky power.  If I were to be given one, talking to dead people wouldn't be the one I'd want.  But I'm curious to see what she'd do and just how would she cope with it. 

My review is here:

(W) Joshua Ortega
(A) Jonboy Meyers
(Cov) Francis Manapul

After the tragic and haunting events of The Necromancer Book I: Something In The Way, Abby van Alstine revisits her past, learns more about her strange connection to the Dark Age demon Mali, and encounters a monstrous creature that threatens to consumer her with its sickly evil. Original series writer Joshua Ortega (Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, Star Wars) returns to his Harvey nominated co-creation alongside cover artist Francis Manapul (Witchblade, Iron & The Maiden) with interior art by breakout talent Jonboy Meyers (Danger Girl, Ninja Scroll), and a surprise ending that will have fans clamoring for more Necromancer!

Full Color
32 pages
pilot issue

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