Mike Allred's MAC Wonder Woman Video

You should've heard about the new line of Wonder Woman make up from MAC Cosmetics. Normally I wouldn't care much for make up even if I do like Wonder Woman. What makes all this so freaking cool is Mike Allred's involvement. Check out this clip featuring his amazing artwork along with the amazing colors of Laura Allred. 

  As cool as this is, I'm not planning on buying any.
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Posted by No_Name_

How cute!

Posted by Silkcuts

I love the Allreds.  They are the best comic creator duo.  This video made me want to get that stuff for every girl I know.  Mike is the king of Pop Art.  Thanks for sharing Tony.

Posted by WDW

Hi Mike

Posted by sora_thekey

Haha! That was a fun clip! 
but yeah: 

"  As cool as this is, I'm not planning on buying any. "

Posted by Trodorne

It is a funny video. though i know many women who would like to think they read comics im sure they would get into these MAC products. 

Posted by WDW

Hey I just noticed they are using the wrong costume :P
Awesome clip

Posted by G-Man

This needs to be made into an animated series...but maybe with a little less make up.

Posted by jakob187

...and now I'm more than positive that you're drooling for some Allred-made Wonder Woman comics. 
BTdubs, thanks for turning me on to Allred's work, Tony.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Babs said:
" How cute! "
Hey Sara, don't know if you are familiar with Agnes Garbowska, but I found her video review of the mac Product.  Don't know if you care, but the link is ( here)
Posted by WDW

Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman is still the most popular version outside of comic books it seems.... Damn you Lynda Carter :P

Posted by xerox_kitty

Wow, even Wonder Woman looks like she's been dragged out o the 80s when wearing light blue eye shadow ;) 
That said, I love the video... and MAC do make some fantastic make-up.  I think I know where I'm going on pay day...

Posted by VIZION2011


As much as I love me some WonderWoman I must say.....THAT'S BY FAR THE CHEESIEST COMMERCIAL I'VE EVER SEEN !!!! LMAO HAHAHAHA.

Posted by Sydpart2

hmm...guess I got my monther's next b-day present picked out...when is mother's day again?

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@Sydpart2 said:

" hmm...guess I got my monther's next b-day present picked out...when is mother's day again? "

 2011 - May 08 assuming you are living in the USA. I hope you know what she likes because it is very easy to buy the wrong thing when it comes to Women's makeup
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

beauty is the ultimate power............somehow that doesnt seem to be something wonder woman would say
Posted by WW-Fan

love this!! :D