Michael Golden's New Exiles #1 Variant Cover Revealed

I've always enjoyed the Exiles.  One of it's charm factor has been the rotating cast.  Before it was a matter of no one really being safe.  That was good.  It kept you on the edge of your seat.  You never knew if a mission was going to be your favorite character's last.  People would get ticked off and shocked at the same time when someone departed.  So now we're getting a "new" group.  Yes change is good but "if it ain't broke..."  I'm not going to write it off completely.  Of course I'm going to read it and see how things are.  I do agree that they do need a little more...guidance now.  Ever since the "Timebroker" was revealed, things sort of lost their momentum.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I do like seeing Tom Grummett's art.  At least that's something to look forward to.

Marvel is proud to reveal legendary artist Michael Golden’s new variant cover to the highly-anticipated New Exiles #1, ushering in a new era for fan-favorite team! Written by iconic X-Men scribe Chris Claremont, with art by Tom Grummett and a standard cover by superstar Greg Land, New Exiles #1 assembles a brand new team of heroes to protect the Omniverse. With new leaders, new worlds and new adversaries, this team of Exiles are about to face their greatest threat yet—that is, if they can survive each other first!

It’s an all-new, all-different group of Exiles—let’s hope they all survive the experience in New Exiles #1, featuring stunning covers by Greg Land and Michael Golden!

NEW EXILES #1 (NOV072193)
Penciled by TOM GRUMMETT
Cover by GREG LAND
Variant Cover by MICHAEL GOLDEN
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—12/20/07, On-Sale—1/16/08

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