Mice Templar, Coming Soon. Don't delay, order today.

Attention, attention!  There's a new comic coming out that deserves your attention.  This may not be news to everyone.  Michael Avon Oeming has been working on this for some time.  He's a talented guy.  The Mice Templar is coming out and you should check it out.  I was lucky to get an advance reading of this and have to tell you, it's good.  It's different.  I don't need a dozen different comics with the same characters (or weak variations of the same characters).   I've reviewed it already: www.comicvine.com/comic/the-mice-templar/19036/113604//#revi

Check out the preview images below.  My suggestion is to take a chance and pick up the first issue.  But you should probably put in a request with your local comic store.  You know that Image Comics don't have the numbers that the "big two" publishers do, so you don't want to miss out on this. 








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