Marvel Adapts Homer's The Odyssey

The Odyssey #1

A Ruthless War With the Gods Begins in Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey!

Hey, guess what?  School is going to be starting soon.  Yeah I know.  That's the last thing you might want to hear.  It doesn't have to be all bad.  Maybe your English Lit class will require that you read Homer's The Odyssey.  Forget those stinky Cliff Notes.  Teachers are wise to them.  They'll make sure test questions don't reflect the information and summaries given there.  Try checking out Marvel's adaption.  See, reading can be fun!  Marvel's also done other adaptions too if The Odyssey isn't on your reading list.  Look into it.  I'm not suggesting you not read the actual book, but use the comic to compare and help you through the tough parts.  Seeing the book in two different ways could help you get a better understanding.  Just don't tell your teachers I suggested this.

Troy has fallen after 10 years of battle and now Greece has emerged triumphant in the Trojan War!  Traveling back home, Odysseus, Greece’s mightiest warrior, finds himself lost out at see after being blown off course by the ruthless sea god, Poseidon!  Homer’s classic epic poem about the hero, Odysseus, finally receives the grand treatment this September in Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey #1 (of 8)!  Join legendary writer Roy Thomas with pencils from the up-and-coming super-star sensation, Greg Tocchini, as they tell the greatest mythological adventure like it’s never been seen before!  Odysseus and his crew must cross paths and face some of the most notorious mythological creatures in all of history as they try to survive their ventures back home!

John A. Ams of raves about the Marvel Illustrated line, “I eagerly anticipate the remaining installments. This series has the potential to motivate today’s readers to go beyond the comics and discover the excitement of the novel itself. If you have not already invested in this series, I highly recommend you do.”

Continuing the Marvel Illustrated tradition of acclaimed novel adaptations, Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey #1 (of 8) will leave you breathless as one of the most timeless wars is waged like you’ve never seen before!

Adapted by ROY THOMAS
Pencils & Cover by GREG TOCCHINI
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—8/21/07, On-Sale—9/10/07

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