Kyle and Yost's Hulk Vs Wolverine!

A few words with Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost plus a viewing

I got the chance to sit down with co-writer Christopher Yost, co-writer/producer Craig Kyle and producer Frank Paur before getting a viewing of the upcoming feature.

Craig Kyle teased that there will be "surprises to awake the fans."  It has a 70s feel but it's also been updated.  Kyle said that they looked beyond Hulk 181.  They looked at all their battles and this became a sort of "best of."  He is happy with the art direction that Jeff Matsuda came up with.  Craig describes it as "Jeff on steroids."  He also describes Hulk Vs Wolverine as "darker and more fun."  It's not for kids.  It's not a Saturday Morning cartoon.

Wolverine is not the only character Hulk will be taking on (some more on this in a bit).  The dvd (that will be out in January 2009) will feature two "Hulk Vs..."  The second will be Hulk Vs Thor.  The battle with Wolverine lasts 33 minutes and Thor's will be 45. 

Will the Hulk be a hero or monster in this battle?  He will be portrayed differently in the two fights.  Craig and Chris are both huge fans of Wolverine.  There will be more to this fight than just the two "hanging out."  There's some big secrets in this that I suppose I will have to reveal as they're bound to make it to the internet eventually.  Again, I'll get to that later.

I asked Craig if this will be the same "Wolverine" that will be in his "Wolverine and the X-Men" cartoon coming soon.  He said yes.  There will actually be a rematch in episode 7.  Only it won't be as violent as seen here.  With Saturday Morning cartoons, Craig said you're kind of chained down with what you can do.  He would love to do more "Versus" dvds with solo characters and teams (like X-Men Vs the Fantastic Four).

When asked if there's a clear-cut winner, Craig was coy.  The winners are the fans.  Chris threw in that there are definitely losers.   There will also be a scene after the credits you'll want to check out (we were not privey to that during the screening).

 I asked them where the idea came up for this.  Why Hulk Vs Wolverine?  So far they've done the Ultimates 1 and 2, Iron Man and Doctor Strange.  The next release will be NEXT AVENGERS (I'll have more on that after tomorrow).  With this, things just came together.  As Craig said before, they're big fanboys and this is what they wanted to do. 

Craig pointed out that this is geared towards the older fans.  It's pure entertainment.  If people enjoy it, they need to support it.  That will ensure future dvds.  He made a good point about the recent Batman manga dvd.  I'm sure some won't see it this way but he has a point.  He rushed out to get it himself the day it came out.  He was bothered by the fact that parts of it were up on youtube that same day.  People need to understand that if the studios don't make money, we won't see more movies.  He wants to do the stories that fans actually want to see.

It's also been announced that a PLANET HULK dvd will be coming out.  Craig said he would love to do something like Civil War or Secret Invasion but doesn't feel that one dvd would do it justice.  Chris said what he likes about the dvds is that there is a single story and an ending.  They will be approaching Planet Hulk from a fan's point of view.

I'll post more on their upcoming projects when after I view NEXT AVENGERS.

The Viewing...


"Hulk Smash!"
The movie was shown in a big hall.  I'd like to say a big Thank You to the Lionsgate rep that made sure "press" got reserved seating for this.  Watching it a big screen with a full sound system simply rocked.  Craig was right, Jeff Matsuda's character development worked.  The animation was smooth and when you first see's dead on.  Even his voice (by Steve Bloom).
Hulk is a monster here.  He destroys a town.  When Wolverine is sent after him by Department H, Craig and Chris were right, it is violent.  Blood and brutal beat-downs.  The Hulk just wailed on Wolverine's head.  (Frank Tatasciore once again captures the Hulk's essence in his performance).

Now here is the big spoiler.  Read it at your own risk.  Resist if you can.

Wolverine offers to scratch that hard to reach itch
The movie isn't just about Hulk and Wolverine.  There are others involved.  We see some flashbacks to Wolverine's Weapon X days including some of his old sparring partners.  The biggest surprise and joy of the movie?  None other than Deadpool himself.   The other characters are well done as well.  Deadpool is the big surprise so I won't bother mentioning the others.  It's not too hard to figure out if you think about it.  There was also a nice tiny little cameo that will hopefully lead to something.

This movie will be the opposite of the Hulk Vs Thor movie.  That will be on a grander scale set with Asgard and the Gods.  Craig said, "Wait until you see the!"

Could there be a Deadpool movie in the future?  Craig says if the fans ask and support it.  They see each movie as the possible beginning of a franchise.  Could there be another Dr. Strange?  It's possible.  Craig would like to see a New Mutants movie.

As mentioned.  This deserves to be supported.  This is the fight we all want to see.  This is definitely a top quality production.  Even though I've seen this fight (I'm not as interested in Hulk Vs Thor but I am curious now) I will be buying this in January.  Probably on Blu-ray.  You won't be disappointed.

Here's the trailer once again:


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I loved the part when hulk punched sabretooth and sabretooth flew for like 10 miles before landing.