Jackpot = Mary Jane? (Video Discussion)

The Answer Has Been Finally Been Revealed

Did you read Amazing Spider-Man Annual this past week?  If so, you already know who Jackpot is or more importantly, is Jackpot Mary Jane?  Rather than simply review the annual, I wanted to discuss more whether or not Mary Jane should be Jackpot (and have super powers).  With all the talk about Jackpot before, I was surprise no one brought this up.  Were you guys aware the revealing issue was out?

Let me know what you think.


Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

Great vid! Keep them coming! :D

Posted by Slinger

Where'd all the posts go? I coulda  sworn I had a few here yesterday.

Posted by G-Man

Switching over the news feed some didn't make it here but there are still HERE.  Now that the news feature is set, this won't happen again.

Posted by Suigetsu

well I bought that issue just because of g-man's video, It woke my curiosity so I picked it up today.
I think that nothing was really answered as (expected) or maybe I was disapointed with it.

Dont know you guys but I think that MJ as jackpot would be pretty cool, tought that wouldnt mean that she and spiderman would had to return to their typical life back in the day.

Posted by Erik

Seemed like a lot of buildup for nothing. 

Posted by The_Martian

Wow...old video lol

Posted by G-Man

Hahahaha.  Back in the youtube days.  I keep meaning to add more of the current videos on but never get around to it.