It's The Ultimate Smashfest-Hulk vs Iron Man

It's hard for me to say how I feel about Ultimate Iron Man.  It's kind of funny how he's still a blatent alcholic.  I'm not saying alcoholism is funny.  It's just nice that Marvel is allowing him to have this weakness or imperfection.  Too many characters are just too neat.  Stark is a genius but he has realistic problems.  What's even better is the preview image where he sees that he's in for a beating from the Hulk.

The Hulk is back, and he’s not happy! In Ultimate Human #2, the dream team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Cary Nord continue their sold-out Ultimate event, unveiling a dilemma even bigger then the grey goliath himself! After a failed attempt by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to figure out how to turn off the Hulk’s unique transformation cells, Banner has turned back into the big grey powerhouse and is adapting to everything that Stark’s scientists and security throw at him. Now Stark’s Ironworks base, a hi-tech facility created to carry out the inventor’s wildest dreams, has been laid to waste. And that’s only the beginning!

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the ultimate version of the Leader has given the green light to “Operation Gamma” and armed forces are swarming our heroes’ location. What does the Leader want with the blood of Banner and Stark? And can Stark’s world-famous suit of armor halt the behemoth’s rampage? Find out why’s Troy Brownfield praised the series for “really strong art and intelligently scripted interplay between two iconic characters” in Ultimate Human #2!

ULTIMATE HUMAN #2 (of 4) (DEC072163)
Pencils & Cover by CARY NORD
T+ …$2.99
FOC—1/31/08, On-Sale—2/20/08

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