Incredible Hulk 2?

Guess Incredible Hulk was a...Smash

Hulk's seeing green...dollar signs
As I mentioned, I liked the first Incredible Hulk (remember Ang Lee's film was just called "Hulk").  It may not have been as successful as Iron Man but it was a hit in its own right.  Ed Norton did a good job.  He showed a lot of Banner's struggle in trying to keep the Hulk at bay while also trying to find a cure. He's a great actor and I'll admit I was surprised at his willingness to make the film.

It seems he's willing to do a sequel too.  Producer Gale Anne Hurd is behind the idea too.  She recently told MTV:
"It's all going to depend on the screenplay and where his character goes in any sequel, because he does have a multiple-picture deal," she said of Norton, who told us recently that he's waiting to hear from Marvel regarding Hulk's future. "[Norton's situation] is the same with every franchise like this, when you have one of the top actors of his generation."
"I'll drink to that."

So who could be the bad guy?  How about the Leader?  It could be a little hard to pull off visually.  People might...laugh at his head.  But Samuel Sterns did appear in the movie having some of Banner's blood infect him in the lab.  It's seems as if it's already been set up for the Leader to appear.

An Incredible Hulk sequel will have to wait until after the Avengers.
But before any Hulk/Leader throw-down can take place, she said, Hulk will likely be seen alongside Iron Man, Captain America and the other heroes being recruited by Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. "Next, he's likely to appear in an 'Avengers' movie, but that's completely up to Marvel," she explained. "It's wonderful that Marvel now controls so many of their own characters, and they can create a Marvel universe in film and populate it with so many of their characters who naturally exist together. I think an 'Avengers' film is a very exciting prospect."

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