Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin of Danny Rand: Review/Preview

Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin of Danny Rand
Marvel is putting out Danny Rand's origin.  I've always liked Iron Fist.  He started out as a cool "kung-fu" guy in a green suit and yellow slippers but has grown into such a complex character now.  My hats off to Matt Fraction (and Ed Brubaker) for adding such depth to the character and legacy. 

I do think there are probably a lot of Iron Fist fans that may not know all of his history.  This is a great issue to get your hands on. 

Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin of Danny Rand

Honor. Dedication. And above all, purity of heart. There have been sixty-six men and women to carry the mantle of THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST throughout the ages - men and women of great courage, valor, skill and sacrifice. Sixty-six men and women have stood between man and the unstoppable forces of evil, willing to give all they have to hold back the hordes. This is the story of Danny Rand, the Iron Fist of today - as told in THE BOOK OF THE IRON FIST! Raised in the otherworldly kingdom of K'un-Lun as an unparalleled martial artist, the Earth-born Rand mastered the ability to focus his spiritual energy into an impervious fist of iron. Now, as the costumed adventurer called Iron Fist, he fights with the fury of his ancestors and a hope for a better tomorrow! Experience the birth of a legend like never before is this special re-presentation of MARVEL PREMIERE #15-16 - featuring lush, fully rendered coloring and an all-new framing sequence by MATT FRACTION and KANO!


First of all, yes this is a reprint.  There is a few pages that tie it together (and also a preview for issue #18).  I pretty much already knew his origin from reading a Marvel Handbook in the past.  I hadn't actually read Marvel Premiere #15-16.  Because of that, this is a good buy. 

Something also has to be said about simply reading these reprint stories.  They don't feel outdated but you get the sense that they were written in a "different" time.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  It almost has a nostalgic feel to it.  Back to when comics seemed a little more innocent, even though there is fighting, death and talk of revenge in this comic. 

Bottom line, if you're liking the current Immortal Iron Fist, it goes without question that you'll want to pick this up.  If you're a casual reader, this may or may not be for you. 
I'm giving it a 4 out of 5.

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