G-Man Judges...episode 3

Norman Osborn is the Director of the Thunderbolts. To quote Star Wars, "I have a bad feeling about this." It was interesting watching him make Bullseye squirm. Osborn has seemed to have been underused in the last few years. It's going to be real interesting to see what he's going to do.

As far as this issue...I'm not so sure how I feel. Bullseye, Venom, Penance, etc. make an interesting combo. But it almost screams "gimmick" to me. I thought the last page of the original Thunderbolts was gold. I didn't see it coming, former villains posing as heroes. But this...just seems a little cheap.

It surprises me that Songbird and even Radioactive Man will go for this. But it almost seems they don't really have much choice. And I don't think things look too good for Jack Flag, although I'll admit, I've only read a couple issues with him in it.

Overall, this wasn't a bad comic. Clearly it was a build up of what's to come. I do wanna see and know what will happen when Mac/Venom and Spidey in his black duds meet up again. It's probably worth checking out for what will hopefully be an interesting storyline.

I'm not sure what to make out of this series. Despite how some people feel about him, I still like Wolverine. I think the concept of this series could work. Wolverine recently got his memories back. Now he has to sort them out. He is out to get those who've messed with him in the past.

The art is...a little spooky at times. Something about the way Steve Dillon draws the eyes. And the pacing sometimes seems rushed yet it's almost like not a whole lot happesn. I know that might not make sense.

Wolverine's main priority now is to find his son. In doing so, former sidekick Jubilee was put at risk. I do question the decision of Wolverine having a son now. I could handle a clone (X-23) but now a son? It's almost too much. And now that he's just found out, all of a sudden, he shows up going after his father? Kinda lame.

I'll keep reading this series if it lasts. Wolverine compilists will want to also. Wolverine's kid should be a big deal for collectors and whatnot. I did like the cover. Although I prefer the second variant (which I showcased here). We just have to wait until the inevitable full blown clash between father and son.

Daredevil returns from his European vacation. I did enjoy Matt's time in prison. I thought it might be a little far fetched but it worked. I loved seeing Frank Castle work his way in to help out Matt.

Daredevil in Europe didn't do much for me. Even though it seem a little too...easy, I'm glad he's back in NY.

Matt has been cleared of the charges against him. He's getting his practice back. He's back with his wife. Foggy is alive and back. Wilson Fisk is out of the country. Life is good. How long is this going to last? For as little "action" as there was, I liked it.

The one thing that always bothered me was why didn't Matt have someone else pose as Daredevil when Matt was in public? Yes Iron Fist did when he was in jail. I would've thought Spider-Man could have done Matt a favor and pulled it off. He'd just have to tone down the acrobatics.

Oh man...what is going on with Dick Grayson's life? Actually, what is going on with this comic? First we have Jason Todd, who I enjoyed as the Red Hood, posing as Nightwing in a lame boring storyline. Now we had to sit through a four part story that didn't really offer much more.

What it comes down to is I can't believe this is the same Marv Wolfman that wrote Teen Titans for so long. And the next storyline, Bride and Groom, killer metas? Please.

I'm sure people know that DC's original plan was for Dick Grayson to die during Infinite Crisis. With the way these stories have been going...I don't know. I love Nightwing but I'm really starting to not care what happens.

I'm kinda glad this series is over. I wanted to like it but it just never...did it for me. Look at the cast, Nova, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Thanos, Drax...that's really something. But Annihilus is the big baddie? I always thought he was a joke in the Fantastic Four.

As much as I wanted this series to end, I would've like to seen Galactus and the Surfer get their revenge in more detail. All we got to see was some blasting of Annihilus' troops.

Thanos seems to still be dead. We know that can't and won't last. But getting your heart punched out makes it kinda hard to live.

We also see what happens to Quasar's quantum bands. Even though his name was Wendall, I was surprised at how easily he was killed.

The best for me was FINALLY seeing Nova in action. Now that he's the last of the Nova Corps and has had some training with Drax the Destroyer, he should be kickin' some butt. It was fitting that he was the one to take out Annihilus.

This issue will manage to tide me over until Nova's ongoing comes out.

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