Early Review/Preview for Witchblade #120

WItchblade #120 (Cover A)

A Nice Intermission

Finally.  Feels like it's been a while since issue #119. 

You would think that a comic that isn't jam packed with action would be a little bit of a disappointment.  That is not the case here.  Witchblade usually contains over-the-top action.   It's one of the good things about the comic but seeing it month after month could get a little redundant.  I'm sure we can expect some big things during Broken Trinity. 

Ron Marz continues to show his knack for dialogue when Sara and Dani have a little sit-down talk.  Since he's taken over the writing chores my interest in the character has returned.  Sara has been given so much more depth and has evolved past a female super hero in a skimpy "outfit."  It's nice seeing her as a mother and older sister figure to Dani.  It's good to see that Dani realizes how much she's been messing up lately.

We also see the next step for Dani as she's given a new bit of responsiblity in this issue.  I wonder how that will affect her time as a bearer of the Witchblade.  There's an appearance by a new character going by the name of Finch.  I may be making more out it but I get the feeling there's something more to her than it seems.  My suspicion radar went off just as it did when we first saw David Worthy enter Dani's life.

Need I mention the art?  Stjepan Sejic's art continues to amaze.

Dispite the lack of non-stop action, this was a good change of pace.  It's like the calm before the storm.  You know something bad is coming.

(W) Ron Marz
(A) Stjepan Sejic
(Cov) Stjepan Sejic, Matt Haley, Kevin Nowlan

Shaken by a failed and very nearly deadly romance, rookie Witchblade bearer Dani Baptiste confronts her feelings of betrayal and realizes this life, and the Witchblade, might not be for her. Dani seeks the advice of Sara Pezzini, who's had her share of experience with both the Witchblade and with being betrayed by men like Ian Nottingham and Kenneth Irons. It's time for some girl talk and some ass-kicking, with Dani's future as a bearer hanging in the balance!

Cover A – Stjepan Sejic
Cover B – Matt Haley and Kevin Nowlan
Full Color
32 pages
Ongoing Series

Witchblade #120 (Cover B)

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