Dead Space animated film this fall?

People are making a big deal about this.  The prequel comic came out a couple weeks ago.  Now it looks like there'll be a film continuing where the comic will leave off.  This is great news for Electronic Arts.  I've seen some scenes from the video game.  Looks good but I haven't actually played it.  Let's hope all this fuss is a good sign.  I'm all for the "survival horror" type games.

Starz Media is jumping into "Dead Space" with Electronic Arts, pacting to make an animated feature tied into the sci-fi horror vidgame launching this fall.

Starz' Film Roman unit is producing a film that serves as a prequel to the game, picking up where a comic that is being made by Image Comics leaves off.

"Due to the richness and complexity of stories that have evolved for videogames, they have become a type of entertainment that can span generations and provide fantastic inspiration for other forms of media, especially in the realm of animated features," Film Roman prexy Scott Greenberg said in a statement.

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