DDP to Distribute Two Issues of 'Hack/Slash' Outside of Diamond

Hack/Slash #16A

Publisher stands behind creator-owned horror series amid licensing dispute and will distribute 'Hack/Slash' #'s 16-17 outside of Diamond

Hack/Slash #16B

Who remembers the Re-Animator?  It's one of those classic horror films from the 80s.  There were a couple sequels but I only stuck with the original.  There was also the recent Army of Darkness Vs Re-Animator, which was okay.  Hack/Slash is the little comic that keeps going and going.  Now it appears that there are some legal issues regarding the property of Re-Animator.  There's debate as to who really holds the license.  So Devil's Due Publishing is doing a brave thing.   They have decided to distribute the two issues featuring the Re-Animator directly rather than through Diamond (basically the only distributor comic shops use). 

What's good about this is they are standing behind the creators of Hack/Slash.  What this could also mean is these issues may be harder to come by.  That could increase their value, if you're into that sort of thing.

Here's some more info. from Devil's Due:

In a show of support for its top-selling creator-owned title, Devil's Due Publishing will distribute the previously solicited Hack/Slash issues 16 and 17 directly, rather than through Diamond Comic Distributors. The decision follows Diamond's receipt of a Cease and Desist letter regarding the issues from an unknown, recently registered company, Re-Animator, LLC, in connection with Dynamite Entertainment's Nick Barrucci. Hack/Slash #15 will be available for re-order as well.

A property dispute has arisen between Brian Yuzna (the producer and owner of the Re-Animator film franchise for over twenty years) and a recently registered company, Re-Animator LLC over the rights to the Re-Animator logo in various merchandise categories, which appears in the current Hack/Slash story arc, "Cassie & Vlad Meet the Re-Animator."

"Devil's Due have done a fantastic job of keeping the spirit of the Re-Animator films alive in the Hack/Slash cross-over," says Yuzna "It has been a pleasure to collaborate with such a talented crew.  And I am proud to be working with them after the admirable stand they have taken in the face of economic coercion. This company exemplifies the independent spirit of the genre film and comics community. It may seem crazy to Re-Animator fans to think that a company that had nothing to do with the classic films could actually claim ownership of the "Re-Animator" brand and threaten to stop anyone else from creating comics, films or merchandise with the word 'reanimator'  or 're-animator' in it- even the actual producer of the films that created the brand—but in this wacky world that is exactly what has happened."

Hack/Slash has been nominated in the category of "Best Comic Book" for the 2008 Spike TV Scream Awards. Fans can still vote for Hack/Slash on Spike TV's website.

To order Hack/Slash, retailers should visit DevilsDue.net where two levels of discounts are available ranging from 50-60% off the cover price. These offers will only apply to Hack/Slash #'s 15-17 for a limited time. Hack/Slash orders can be placed through the DDP Store by going here.

Hack/Slash #17A
Hack/Slash #17B

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