Cyblade Pilot Season preview!

I like the idea of voting for what comic we want.  The problem is Top Cow isn't making it easy.  This was a very nice, one-shot story that leaves you hanging.  It begs to be continued as a regular series.  I never thought I'd see a Cyberforce character with so much...emotion.  You really start to feel for her.

(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov
(A)Rick Mays
(Cov) Rick Mays

Cyblade - she's training to be an elite super-spy and assassin, but who is she working for?

A cereberal action thriller in the vein of Alias and La Femme Nikita, this is a whole new portrayal of Cyberforces's electromagnetic warrior. Written by Harvey Award Winner Joshua Hale Fialkov (Elk's Run, Punks: The Comic) with stunning art by Rick Mays (Kabuki, Zatanna), the true origin of Cyblade begins here.

Full Color

32 pages

$2.99 pilot issue

Early review:

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