Comic Vine on Madman Store Poster

People love Madman
A couple weeks ago I went into my local comic shop.  The owner knows I'm a huge Madman/Mike Allred fan.  Image Comics had sent a poster for Madman Atomic Comics with a bunch of testimonials from different people in the industry stating how great the comic is.  She knew I'd want it and gave it to me. 

I glanced at a couple of the quotes but didn't have time to fully unfold the poster.  Right before I left for Disneyland, I decided to read more of the quotes.  To my surprise, I saw mention of Comic Vine.  When I interviewed Mike Allred back in April, I had mentioned that I was a "big fan."  Image took that and slapped in on the poster. 

To me, that's awesome.

"Big Fan"? Darn right I am
Not only is it my quote that appears on it but it's really cool to see Comic Vine mentioned.  I only see Comic Vine from my side of the computer screen.  There are times when I talk to different people, in and out of the industry, and they say that they know of the site.  It's hard for me to be aware of how much exposure we have as a site.  We are growing every day.

So next time you're in a comic store, see if they have the poster hanging.  You can tell the person working there that you know the dude that said he was a "Big fan."
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Posted by Last_Guardian

lol...that's awesome..congrats G-Man!!

maybe they can quote me on an Iron Fist

Posted by NightFang

That's realy awesome!

Posted by NiteFly


Posted by Asymmetrical looks like your dream has finally come are quoted AND the site you have worked so hard on is mentioned...on a poster of your favorite character ever


Posted by TheDrifter

I demand to be added to a Ghost Rider poster :P

Posted by inferiorego

congrats sir!

Posted by Last_Guardian
TheDrifter said:
"I demand to be added to a Ghost Rider poster :P"
Posted by TheDrifter



Posted by SilverZeo

Hurray for Fan solicitation!

Posted by Shatterstar

cool stuff

Posted by The_Martian


Posted by Zonza Lee

I feel happy for you.

Posted by Starleafgirl

Hehe, cool! :D

Posted by Virago

haha, that's awesome! 

I'm so proud to be affiliated with you guys =)
Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

Wow! That's amazing! Comicvine rocks!

Posted by Steril Sarah

wow! Ö that's pretty awsome!

Posted by fesak

Haha, nice!

Posted by Mr. Wilson

Great work G!

Posted by mrenb

"That's Swanky!!" 

You know what I mean.

Posted by V

Oh wow that is really cool :D

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

Oh well that is just to freaking cool!

Posted by Hulk destroyer