CLEVELAND, Family Guy Spin-Off?

It's no secret that I'm really not a fan of  Family Guy.  I tried it when it first came out and it just didn't do it for me.  I'm sorry.  I know a lot of people out there really like it.  I still prefer The Simpsons over them.  It shouldn't be that you can only like one or the other but it seems that how some people see it.  If they really like Family Guy, all they can do to somehow justify their liking of it is to rip on the Simpsons.  I'll admit I have seen a couple funny clips but it hasn't been enough to sell me and make me want to watch it.

Anyways, here some news on a potential spin-off with Cleveland Brown and family.

Fox is getting ready to put Cleveland on the map.

The network, along with 20th Century Fox, is currently developing a spinoff of its enduringly popular Family Guy to revolve around Peter Griffin's bathtub-loving, accident-prone neighbor, Cleveland Brown.

Not much is known about Cleveland other than the fact it will revolve around the Brown clan. It's unclear whether the series will remain set in the town of Quahog or whether Cleveland, along with his wife and son, will continue to appear on Family Guy, though as both series are animated, the double-billing won't so much be a logistical problem as a creative decision.

There's no word on when Cleveland is expected to hit the airwaves.

So Cleveland Brown fans of the world, REJOICE!

Here's the entire story:

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