Big Hero 6 is coming back

Big Hero 6 #1

Free Big Hero 6 Sketchbook on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

The Big Hero 6 are back!  They're Japan’s toughest heroes defending the honor of the Land of the Rising Sun against some of the worst villains the Marvel Universe has ever seen. Get ready as Hiro, Baymax, Honey Lemon, and Gogo Tomago defend their country and embark on a new adventure as this brand new exciting series unfolds.

In celebration of the team's return, Marvel is pleased to announce the Big Hero 6 Digital Sketchbook, which can be read for free right now on!

The Big Hero Six digital sketchbook is giving Marvel’s digital comics subscribers a chance to get a first look at some of the cool new covers and character artwork that will be coming your way when this new series kicks off.  Be sure to check it out right now on courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

Read the Digital Comic Sketchbook for free right here

And be sure to check out the first exciting issue of Big Hero 6 as it hits stores this September.

BIG HERO 6 #1 (of 6) (JUL082271)
BIG HERO 6 #1 (of 6) VARIANT COVER (JUL082272)
Pencils, Cover & Variant Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA
Rated A …$3.99
FOC - 8/21/08, On-Sale - 9/10/08

Big Hero 6 #1 (Variant Cover)

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