Astro Boy movie in CGI

I've always been intrigued by Astro Boy but never really saw anything with him.  I can vaguely recall a modern cartoon on Saturday mornings maybe in the 90s.  This movie should be cool.  It's made by the same folks that did the latest TMNT.  More importantly, they're also going to make a Gatchaman movie (you know, G-Force...Battle of the Planets). 

The entire article discussing the movie (with a 2009 release date, yikes) can be seen here:


AstroBoy tells the story of a powerful robot boy created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he lost. Our hero journeys to find acceptance in the human world and ultimately discovers true friendship as he uses his incredible powers to help others and save Metro City from destruction.

AstroBoy is being directed by long-time animator Colin Brady. He commented on the film in a recent update, stating that they're "being faithful to Tezuka's original story arc, [and] at the same time bringing out elements needed for those unfamiliar with the story." He also added more about working on the project, which was entirely new to him when he was first approached.

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