Another Movie Based on a Mark Millar Comic Coming

Have you read War Heroes?

Millar and Harris' WAR HEROES Deploys Soon

Looks like another victory for Mark Millar.  He's on a role.  Seems Hollywood can't get enough of his properties for movie material.  This is great.  I like War Heroes.  It's perfect for a movie.  It has that 'realistic' feel.  It's not about superheroes in tights.  At least so far it hasn't been.

This would be the time for everyone to start reading the comic.  This is your chance to tell your friends you know all about it when it gets closer to being released (a writer or actors haven't been announced yet).  The second issue came out a few weeks ago and the first issue was reprinted.  I'm sure Image will  be putting out more now that this is happening.  If you have a local comic shop that you go to, try getting them to order you a copy.

The movie will be released by Sony's Colombia Pictures.  No release date has been announced yet.  Looks like someone should get on creating character pages for the comic...
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